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My name is Roland Barker, however most people call me Reg. I was brought up in Nigeria before moving to Scotland and then Devon. I went to college and the University of Life in Manchester before moving back to glorious Devon to be near the Surf.

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I am currently working as a Nurse, Fire fighter and Window Cleaner. I would be happy to do less window cleaning and more photography.

I love outdoor pursuits especially surfing and also enjoy socialising. I am married to Genevieve and have four gorgeous daughters with her. I am a busy man.

Over recent years I have developed an interest in photography. I particularly like taking candid or fly on the wall pictures. To me a good photograph is one that captures the moment, rather than one, which is staged or has technical merit. I want to try different things; I am just as keen to shoot a funeral as a wedding. No matter what your project it's worthwhile contacting me.

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