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Having been brought up in Nigeria, travel is in my blood. I have been fortunate to have made numerous forays abroad, both on surfing trips and on expeditions to some of the world's greatest rainforests.

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My favourite place is Indonesia , in particularly, West Papua , formerly Irian Jaya. The expeditions I have made here have always been great adventures. At times arduous, difficult and frustrating, but always worthwhile. The rewards of travel in New Guinea are amazing as are the people you meet there. Some of the tribes I have stayed with are still living, or just emerging from the Stone Age and I feel privileged to have experienced something of their way of life.

I am always keen to get back to the jungle and so would consider taking someone else along with me to share the costs and the experience. Other commitments permitting I would also be happy to accompany others on their expedition in any capacity, but especially as a photographer.


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